Security Architect as a Service
Taking a structured approach to security will provide long term resiliency against cyberattacks. Important services to consider:
  • Cyber Maturity Roadmap

  • Policy + Procedure Development

  • vCISO

  • Training and Education

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Security Assessments
Assessing your current state to see where you stand.

  • Security Architecture Review

  • Network Virtualization

  • Cloud Security Assessment

Security Design
As cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, so do the organizations security environments. At Mayfield, we are constantly working on the ground and getting a firsthand view of breached environments. There are good security concepts and then there are practical security practices applicable to each environment.
  • Zero Trust Network Architecture development

  • Micro-Segmentation

  • Perimeter Security

  • Endpoint Protection

  • Cloud Security

  • SASE

Network and Virtualization
Securing and Hardening the network and virtualization tier on all layers.
  • Network Design and Configuration

  • NSX-T Design and Configuration

  • ACI Design and Configuration

  • Dynamic Routing Protocols

  • SDWAN solution design and deployment

Certified Team

At Mayfield, our formula of success has always been dedicated resources that are subject matter experts in individual technologies rather than individuals focusing on every technology/vendor. We take the best from our bench and deliver the best collective service to our clients.

Certified Resources in:
And many more
Minimum 7+ years of experience
Practical experience with Various environments within Fortune 1000
Vendor and Industry Best Practice implementations

Vulnerability Assessments

A vulnerability assessment is a thorough evaluation of the levels of cybersecurity hygiene within your environment. It is used to identify existing and potential threats in the software throughout your organization’s systems and networks resulting from unpatched and exploitable vulnerabilities, giving the organization the opportunity to remediate these deficiencies before they are discovered by a bad actor.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Scans
Internal and External Scans
Mapping of external threat intelligence

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